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Anja Snellman


Each stage of a relationship has its continent. Where are you on the world map of love?

Oona likes to think of love as a map of the world, with each stage of a relationship its own continent. She first meets Alex at a summer conference for writers. Both feel a little out of place, as they think they have not written real books: she draws cartoons, and he is a journalist. Sharing a sense of alienation, they fall in love, and their journey begins.

A tender, candid love story with a strong autobiographical feel, Continents: A Love Story follows Oona and Alex across the world map, from Asia to Antarctica.

Anja Snellman


A man’s odyssey must be among the most widely explored themes in literature, and we all know the story: after the hardships, however earthshaking, the monumental male ego remains intact. A myriad of literary works celebrate boyish bravery and curiosity—but what would be the feminine equivalent?

Sonia O. Was Here is a woman’s reply. In the spirit of Bukowski, Miller, and Fellini, Snellman depicts a young woman’s encounters with the double standards of society during the shift from political ideals of the late 1970s toward an unfaltering belief in the market forces. 

The book was selected as one the 100 most important books by the Finnish Broadcasting Company in 2017, the centenary of Finnish independence. Its latest edition was released in 2016.

Anna-Leena Harkonen


For many women, pregnancy is a blissful experience they remember their entire lives. Some women cannot forget their pregnancy for other reasons: having a baby can be confusing—even terrifying.

Faint Lines is an autobiographical novel about an author and actress who was never supposed to become a mother. She embarks on a new project: a script about childlessness. She interviews women who have gone through miscarriages and years of infertility treatments and promises them one thing: she will not write the usual story where someone gets pregnant in the end. Midway through the writing, she realizes she wants a baby.

Faint Lines is an uncompromisingly honest account that captures the utter vulnerability, occasional absurdity, and beauty of life.


New Terrain Press / Jouni Harala


Anja Snellman is one of the leading names in contemporary Northern European fiction and the most widely read author of her generation in her native Finland. She is celebrating her 40th anniversary as an author in 2021. Her books have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Snellman is noted for her beautiful use of language, bold sensuality, enchantingly dark humor, and a keen eye for the absurd. In her works, the personal and the universal, the fictive and the documentary intertwine into stories that capture the essence of our existence, the beauty and pain of life with compassion and uncompromising accuracy.

Throughout her career, Snellman has sought to expand the territory of literature. She also works as a therapist and journalist and continues to write poetry, the genre that initially made her fall in love with words and aspire to become a writer.

Otava / Jouni Harala


Anna-Leena Harkonen emerged on the literary scene at the age of eighteen with How to Kill A Bull, a modern Finnish classic. The book is among the best-selling first novels of all time in Finnish literature and continues to be in print to this day.

Since her debut, Harkonen has authored ten novels. In addition to her effortless flow of prose, her literary trademarks include an insightfully dark sense of humor and uncompromising honesty: she tackles the highs and lows of life head-on, giving voice to unspoken realities. Words may be fiction, but emotions are always true.

In addition to being a beloved author, Harkonen is one of the most widely appreciated actors in her native Finland. She has also written plays and screenplays, and her books have been adapted for stage and screen. In addition, she is a popular columnist: six collections of her columns have been published as books, with more to come.

New Terrain Press / Jouni Harala


A pioneer in the treatment of emotional problems related to codependency and substance abuse, Hellsten instigated the national network of self-help groups for adult children of alcoholics in Finland.

Hellsten is celebrating his 30th year as an author in 2021. His record-breaking first book, Hippo in the Living Room, introduced a new paradigm for understanding and healing emotional trauma. The book has been in print since 1991, and the thirty-third edition was published last year.

Hellsten’s work as a counselor, writer, speaker, consultant and mentor is based on a synthesis of psychoanalytical thought, Christianity and the 12-step program. Above all, however, he draws on his life experience. He maintains an active therapeutic practice and established a nationwide four-year therapist training program in 2007.

Author website coming in February 2022


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